Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: March 27- April 2

We’re getting ready for a week off work (SPRING BREAKKKK) and this will certainly prepare us. Follow us on social media, scratch that, just join us out at these events!  Check back here late for some pictures and reviews for whatever you missed. Wednesday (3/30)- Eliot Lipp, Blockhead Eliot Lipp is an innovative Brooklyn Artist … More Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: March 27- April 2

A Nellie Pearl Party

It was a grand ol’ night for Louisville music. Nellie Pearl celebrated the release of their new work, but other Louisville bands also shined at Headliners. Frederick the Younger has been working incredibly hard as of late and it is really starting to show. Maybe it is because the acoustics at Headliners are slightly better … More A Nellie Pearl Party

Pure and pimpin

Seriously, it felt like everyone was at Headliners for this one. Not that I was at all surprised, Kurt Vile really has it all as a performer. The musicianship was stellar. He has the look, the voice, the lyrics, and damn those guitars, so fans showed out to see this all in person.  He is a … More Pure and pimpin

Let’s Rage

Cherub. Holy children. Holy drunk children. I may have once been one of those folks, but I felt a bit out of place at Mercury last week for this doozie. I saw a hot second (literally) of Cherub’s Forecastle set this summer and found that short time to be a lot of fun.  I also know several friends … More Let’s Rage