Pure and pimpin

Seriously, it felt like everyone was at Headliners for this one. Not that I was at all surprised, Kurt Vile really has it all as a performer. The musicianship was stellar. He has the look, the voice, the lyrics, and damn those guitars, so fans showed out to see this all in person.  He is a funny creature, though- he seems a bit awkward, quiet and unshakable almost. He’s certainly more complex than that and with each song these glimpses of deeper details are craftily made recognizable.The hype surrounding Kurt Vile has been pretty big, so I was expecting something good and for the most part Vile and his Violators delivered.

There were a couple of less than ideal circumstances from the show. First, although the place was packed, those in attendance were honestly some boring ass fans. The fans seemed pretty dull and that energy was transferred: I felt dull, and I’m sure Vile felt dull. His set wasn’t mundane and his music, though subtle in many ways, is also not blah… so I found the drab crowd to be kind of annoying. Secondly, about half way through the set, it was as if someone accidentally knocked the volume nob and the decibel level doubled.  It was REAL loud, but not necessarily in a good way.

That being said, the show was another example of a pure rock show. There were no fancy back drops, effects or special lighting- it was just a band and their music. It is admirable and speaks to a timeless form.


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