A very worthwhile trip to Lex

I think it is safe to say that we’ve made it quite clear how we feel about Houndmouth.  They once again lived up to our exceedingly high expectations for what their sets can be that Friday evening in Lexington- a night ending in raw voices, sweaty bods, and a need for pizza.  They’ve made a couple of changes/additions since we saw them a few months back and we give the stamp of approval.  The brass is a beautiful touch that fits so nicely into their Americana tunes- the two sax players have definitely been involved in other Louisville projects, so it is great that they are joining the Houndmouth crew.  They are back on the road for a spring tour and so far have been selling damn-near every place out, as they should.

Justin Paul Lewis was the opener for the night and his set also developed since we last saw him a month ago.  With a full Small Time Napoleon backing him, he played to a gradually growing Lexington crowd and for sure caught their attention.  Not that we didn’t thoroughly enjoy his Winter Wednesday show, JPL played a very stripped down set that seemed to be missing something.  That something, which he did admit, was the horn. That horn presence was definitely a go Friday night and brought the energy up substantially. Bravo, sir, we like what you are doing.  And as a self-proclaimed adept whistler, I freaking love when you give me the opportunity to “solo” for “Go Outside.”  [THIS IS SICK BTW AND IMAGINE ME WHISTLING RIGHT NOW]

Manchester Music Hall is apparently a new thing in Lexington- formerly Busters- and the open, renovated space was great for the show.  We were well towards the back but seeing the stage was never a problem.  They need to get the bathroom situation figured out for crowds of that size, but other than that, I’d totally go back to a show there.


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