Headliners gets it right for Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter came to town and was welcomed by a sold out Headliners Music Hall. The crowd was completely and utterly enthralled with the artist from the start. His opening song was just him and his guitar and you could have heard a mouse fart, it was so quiet. Headliners is rarely that silent, but for Ritter, everybody shut their mouths and opened their ears.

Ritter is a very likable guy. He stepped onto the stage with a huge grin on his face – his sincere joy and gratefulness for being at Headliners that night was plainly obvious. And his coveralls were adorable.

We didn’t stay for much of the set – Sundays have been rough for us recently – but from the few songs we heard and the enthusiastic nature of the performer it was clearly going to be a good night.


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