LML’s round 2 of MoonTower

We headed to Lex for a lil weekend get away early in the school year. It honestly kicked off a pretty epic run of out of town shows/festivals that just now is wrapping up. Many of my friends who live in Lexington had not heard of this festival, and that is a shame. I educated them, don’t worry.

Cool side note, the actual moontower was constructed by UK architecture students… and I know one of them!

Anyways, here’s what we liked about the day:

Thank you Brittany for making us include The Travelin’ McCourys on our MoonTower Preview. Having not attended ROMP this year, we clearly didn’t get our bluegrass fix and I didn’t remember how much I love good bluegrass. These guys produce that good good. Daddy Del was there watching his sons + crew and HE WAVED AT ME AFTER THEIR SET. I almost died.

Bennyboo, aka Benjamin Booker, kept it real. Even with guitar strap issues and a broken string, it didn’t slow him down; duct tape to the rescue! His rough night did not effect the performance we got. The two old white men next to me were feeling it, too, even though they admitted they had never heard of him before. Between his fast-paced, guitar-heavy songs and his raspy, dynamic voice (sponsored by American Spirit cigarettes perhaps?), I absolutely adore what he does. I was looking forward to this set more than any other that day and the entire set gave me what I needed. “Witness” is deep with meaning and just a beautiful, moving song.

This quaint little fest is a lot of fun. The set up is easy and some of the flaws we noticed two years ago (having to get beer tickets, long ass lines for everything) were no longer an issue. And although we weren’t able to get on/back stage with any of the bands (S/O to Moon Taxi), it was super fun to cover again. See ya again next year, MoonTowerites?

-Aubrey & Brittany

For more photos check out our > Flickr album:

MoonTower 2017

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