Forecastle Day 3 Recap

We all made it. Three days, dozens of shows, pounds lost in sweat and another Forecastle Festival in the books. This was our first Forecastle as Live Music Louisville and we had an absolute blast covering the weekend. Day three was another good one and here are some of our thoughts:

***side note:  be on the lookout for our “bests” list later this week

  • Why am I talking about weather again?

It was hot as a ________.  You can go ahead fill in the blank with whatever you want there. Unfortunately, the extreme heat and humidity may have jacked some of the performers. However, I think everyone (crowd and artists together) shared an experience of being the sweatiest they’ve ever been. For example, Brian Elmquist of The Lone Bellow is generally a sweaty dude, but oh my goodness, I didn’t know that level of sweat was possible. For the most part we all made the most of it and just tried to stay hydrated. I mean, it was day three, so you just had to suck it up and push through.

  • ❤ the Swedes

Two Swedish acts came through Louisville for Sunday sets and both seemed unfazed by the stupid heat and humidity. First Aid Kit played the Mast Stage early afternoon and their ambient sound was ideal for those still fighting through the elements – the accompanying and necessary swaying created a slight breeze for myself, I think? We saw the two ladies again when they joined their friend Kristian Matsson on stage for his The Tallest Man On Earth and Boom Stage closing set. I think TMOE was kind of flying under the radar because of the overlap with Modest Mouse. Once people made their way over, they definitely got a good one as the artist fully displayed what he has become so well known for: his complex songwriting and intoxicating live performances.

  • Modest Mouse.

Throughout the weekend, we continued to notice the pattern of really young patrons – like kids in their teens. For the Modest Mouse set, the crowd was still young, but there appeared to be a lot of 20-somethings like us out to catch the Sunday evening show – several friends got single day passes just to see these guys. My hypothesis for this phenomenon: before Strangers to Ourselves, their last couple albums came out in when we were in high school and it fit in perfectly with our weird, broody and experimenting hormones. (I mean, the other artists on our mixes from then included things ranging from Dashboard Confessional to Sufjan Stevens.) Being presented with the opportunity, we needed to see the band in person. It’s evident that we aren’t alone in that feeling as fellow Gen Yers flooded the Great Lawn.

Modest Mouse
Modest Mouse
  • Forecastle is a resilient place
Normally the Mast Stage has extensive video coverage and speakers galore, as has become customary at large music festivals. But after Friday night’s storm debacle, a lot of gear got messed up for the rest of the weekend. Do I think anyone in the crowd really even noticed? Unlikely. All of that extra technology is just stuff, and we’re not there for stuff, we’re there for music, arts and environmental activism. The idea behind Forecastle still remained despite the less than ideal challenges. The volunteers and workers running the place did so with a seamless ease that may not have been recognized but was certainly appreciated. Thanks to all!

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