Poorcastle year 3: A huge local success

Crescent Hill Radio plays all local bands all of the time. With help from Apocalypse Brew Works, they formed a mini festival a couple of years ago to feature those local bands – hence, Poorcastle was born. This was our first time attending the event, and though we were only able to attend Sunday, it’s something that will be a priority on our calendars in the coming years.

We caught the end of Tender Mercy’s afternoon set. The band’s sole member, Mark Kramer, attempted to soothe us into forgetting about how blistering hot the sun felt in the paved viewing area. His voice and guitar combo certainly helped a little, but it was hard to ignore the intensity of the heat. But hey, at least it wasn’t storming! Twenty First Century Fox (who we have featured before on a Do502 Weekly Preview) played next. They have a very striking sound that is different from a lot of other bands that we’ve seen – and we’ve been to a lot of shows. The combination of everything is raw, edgy, a little abrasive, but it works for them. New Bravado followed, with Blackbirds of Paradise shortly after, all three bands having an infectious energy that helped the crowd get through the remaining afternoon heat.

The creativity and artistry that Cher Von brings to her music is pretty incredible. It was cool not only to see her perform again but also to watch the reactions of others in the crowd who hadn’t seen her before. They were pretty much floored. The same went for Twin Limb as the ladies and Kevin Ratterman closed out the evening. The group has quickly become a local favorite, demonstrating why once again.


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