Our kind of rest and recovery

It has taken a lot to fully recover from the full weekend we had, but by Wednesday, we were itching for a good ol’ Zanzabar show. On the lineup for this hump day event were Eau Claire, WI’s Aero Flynn and Lafayette, LA’s GIVERS.

Aero Flynn’s story is a winding and complex one. Eau Claire has become Wisconsin’s hotbed for musical creativity, as was fully proven by this past weekend’s festival (Eaux Claires). The founder of this new festival, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, happens to have some deep roots with the front man of Aero Flynn. Josh Scott’s work has been a long time coming, with some personal struggles holding him back, but we now have the opportunity to hear and see this talented man. The dreamy and layered sounds made by only three men covers the intensity of his lyrics. We only caught the last two songs, but are definitely interested and be following this group more closely from here on out.

GIVERS finished the night out and we left nothing short of impressed. This band of young musicians has been playing together for a while, which was very evident in their stage performance, but made their first stop in Louisville Wednesday night. Their first and only full length studio album In Light came out in 2011 and has been pretty successful nationwide. GIVERS’ stage show included the normal stuff – guitars, keys, drums – and then there was Tiffany Lamson doing pretty much everything…all at once. The radiant young lady played guitar, keys, percussion and ukelele. Her presence matched well with Taylor Guarisco guitar – the two carried the vocals on each song. Their songs were very upbeat and fun, but also different. The two sets of percussion meant some cool mixing of beats and changing tempos, reminding me of San Fermin but with more of a pop sound. The crowd was pretty sparse considering the quality of the band, but I think that the word will be out for their next run through town.


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