Mumbling Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse has been in Louisville pretty regularly the last 3 years – a Forecastle set, Iroquois show and now this Palace gig. Every single time, they get people to show up and sing along.

We are doing Whole 30 for the month, so holding off on drinking…going to shows sober is a different experience. Not bad at all, but we definitely noticed things that we usually don’t catch. For example, either Modest Mouse has changed their performance layout (a definite possibility) or I never noticed the multiple percussionists, banjo presence, or horns from the Iroquois show last year. I also don’t recall the amount of men absolutely tore up about singing along to this band. (Shout out to the dudes behind us that sounded like pre-pubescent girls that just couldn’t handle it.)

With their newest album being 2015’s Lampshades on Fire, we got to hear pretty much the gambit of big hitters all night. The near capacity crowd appreciated it for sure.

Isaac Brock is kind of a weird dude. He like mumbles and kind of has a lisp and is like a quintessential indie artist. We love it. Someone yelled a comment about his communication difficulties and his response was, “Well that’s what I do…sing and mumble..” We enjoy his peculiar nature and the heterogeneity of a Modest Mouse show. Til next time, friends.


For more photos from the night >> click here or on the photo below.

Modest Mouse

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