Houndmouth’s visit home

Katie Toupin made the comment this was her favorite show they’ve ever done- last Thursday we were in the same boat.  The crowd’s adoration and support for the local band Houndmouth (now becoming nationally acclaimed) was felt by all, as the room was at max capacity with family, friends and faithful fans.


I can’t even explain how excited I was for this show.  Britt mentioned right before their set that she couldn’t believe that it had been a year since I’d seen them (she had attended the Boomtown Ball and Do502 launch party, while I was unfortunately absent).  She was exactly right, it had been too long.  My anticipation for my personal reunion with one of my favorite bands was through the roof.  Add on a spectacular new album and hometown sell out, and this Houndmouth show as a perfect storm of awesome.

The band was clad in some trendy fashions that set a picture-perfect vibe for the style of this new album, Little Neon Limelight. I don’t think I have the legs that the boys of Houndmouth have, especially to pull of the returning trend of bell bottoms, but the entire band was dressed to the nines.  Combine that with the new neon sign and dramatic lighting from the back, the overall feel definitely had a retro spin to it.

Houndmouth at The Brown Theater
Houndmouth at The Brown Theater

Just as we predicted in our Louisville.com weekly preview post, the band brought up another local hero, the unimaginably talented but rock-and-roll awkward, Teddy Abrams. He played the keys and let Katie just sing for a song, and although I’m sure he was having a blast, he certainly looked uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, the crowd got a rare (yet becoming less so) musical experience with his appearance.


As with every Houndmouth performance (and I’ve been to my fair share), what sets them apart from other bands like them is the sheer brilliance of their live performances. As much as I love listening to their recorded material, it doesn’t come close to the experience you get standing in front of them. Thanks to a few pulled strings, I was close enough to view in detail those retro outfits Aubrey mentioned, and see Teddy’s fingers flying across the keys. I envy those who were able to be up close and personal for the remainder of the show.

Houndmouth at The Brown Theater
Katie Toupin and Teddy Abrams

The band played a combination of tracks from both albums throughout the night, and while Little Neon Limelight is still relatively new, the home-base Louisville crowd sang right along through the recent songs. Fans appropriately silenced their voices for Katie’s “Gasoline” and Matt’s “For No One” solo bits. Just thinking about those moments is giving me chills again.

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Before the Houndmouth show, we overheard the comment:  “This week is Louisville’s SXSW.” Upon reflection of the caliber of bands we saw last week (i.e. Delta Spirit on Tuesday and Dr. Dog on Wednesday), it is hard for us to dispute that statement- especially the way our bodies felt as we wrapped it up.  It was a hard-to-top week of live music.

-Aubrey and Brittany

Check out Do502.com for our full album!

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