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Dr. Dog’s aural and optical Flamingo Hotel

The Mercury Ballroom has certainly had several sell outs, but this may have been the first one we’ve actually been at- it made the already difficult-to-navigate space nearly impassable.  Add in the very dedicated fan base of Dr. Dog here in Louisville, and we only managed to get a spot in eye-line of the band upstairs after the encore. The Pennsylvania band has been touring in support of their first live album, Live at a Flamingo Hotelmaking a stop here during an epic three-day stretch of shows last week.

Dr. Dog’s large following is assuredly in part to the versatility of their work. I tried to describe it to my mother the other day and found myself at a loss for words- this band is one that has a distinct tone, but is always morphing so that it is difficult to pin down.  Anytime I catch one of their songs, I immediately recognize the sound but for some reason always have to fact check that it is for certain a Dr. Dog product. We were joined in the colossal crowd by people ranging in age, outward walks of life and even music preferences- I think the band’s varying, genre-bending songs play a big part in collecting such diverse supporters.

Beyond their music, Dr. Dog is a group that seems to really have their stuff together.  I mean, every little detail appears to be in place- from the perfectly curated backdrop to evoke the grande hotel feeling to the graphic drum set and even matching saddle shoes on Toby Leaman and Frank McElroy‘s feet- and they are all meant to be noticed. This visual experience exemplified the already gripping auditory one.

We’ve got a little more than a month until our trip down to Shaky Knees Festival– a Sunday set from Dr. Dog will be an ideal end to another phenomenal weekend down in Atlanta.


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