Do502 launches in the right direction

You should consider yourself lucky if you were able to attend this weekend’s launch party for the up and coming Do502. Party-goers were only let in on their list status and the location a mere 24 hours in advance of the show. The launch took place at Play Louisville, just next door to Butchertown Market where the site’s offices are located. VIPs were treated to free drinks prior to the event (thanks for those!), and everyone else started trickling in around 6 pm. Cher Von & Twin Limb started off the night with amazing musical talent. They were followed by one of my favorites, New Albany’s Houndmouth. While their recorded music is great, it’s nothing compared to the energy they bring to the stage every time they perform. I’ve seen them out of town (in Atlanta for Shaky Knees Fest), and also several times locally, and it’s clear that they’re loved wherever they go. The crowd loved hearing music from their first album and also some of their new tunes, including the ballad “For No One.” I think we’re all excited for the rest of the album to come out in 2015. To keep the audience entertained, Do502 & Play offered a free drag show following the musical performances. I’ve been to The Connection several times, and this definitely rivaled the performances I’ve seen.

All in all, I’d say that this was a success for the crew at Do502. Huge congratulations to Jeffrey Smith and his whole team – you all have worked hard, and it’s paying off! You drew a great crowd full of all kinds of people (I spotted you out there, Kyle Meredith & Stacy Owen). The party was a great way to get the word out about the site, and you didn’t disappoint.


Houndmouth at Do502 Launch Party
Houndmouth at Do502 Launch Party
Matt Myers at Do502 Launch Party
Matt Myers at Do502 Launch Party
Pre-Do502 Launch Party
Pre-Do502 Launch Party

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