Eastern Kentucky’s pride gives Louisville its ‘Best’

I remember being a lowly college freshman, hanging out late-night on some couch with a couple seniors watching and listening to YouTube videos.  I really thought I had made it.  One of those seniors sat there beating rhythmically on his seat and harmonizing along with each request.  Six years later and Kris Bentley is now sitting on top of an actual musical instrument called a cajón, singing and beating along with his close friend, Nick Jamerson as the duo Sundy Best.

Sundy Best formed when the two childhood friends from Prestonsburg– a small Eastern Kentucky town- reunited in Lexington after finishing college.  Redmon’s and other local Lex bars became their regular spots and over time the pair gained a large following in the college town. From there, things have really been a whirlwind, including CMT appearances, Sirius Radio play, Rolling Stone articles and two albums in a year.  They have sold out most of this recent international (they went up to Canada for a stint) tour supporting the release of Salvation City– the second of two albums released by the group last year.  The tour finished out in Louisville at The Mercury Ballroom with many old friends in the crowd to support.  Sundy Best’s kinfolk also came out in droves dressed in their “I WANNA GO HOME” and “WALD” t-shirts, selling out yet another venue.

Part of Sundy Best’s draw is their home-roots, country sound, highlighted by the lyrics to their songs and Jamerson’s voice.  The band’s original formation for live shows was simply their voices, an acoustic guitar and the cajón.  This unornamented set-up is appealing to folk and singer-songwriter fans as well.  For this latest album and subsequent tour, a keyboardist and guitarist were brought along, but their signature style was not lost with these additions.

2014 was a huge year for Sundy Best and with their massive kinfolk family backing them, I’m sure 2015 will be just as big.  Proud of you guys!


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