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We are two public school teachers who are best friends, and who enjoy the music culture around town. We try to get out as often as we can with our hectic schedules and live a little through these musicians. We started this just for us to reminisce the shows, and then thought that maybe others will be interested, too.

Meet Aubrey (right): Sports, science and mediating 16 year olds are talents that I have perfected over the past three years since moving to Louisville. I have always had the best playlists and love seeing the varying top acts that make stops here.

Meet Brittany (left): I’ve become an expert in middle school math over the last few years. There is an art to winning tickets on WFPK – an art that I believe I am close to mastering. Although I wish I had musical ability, my patience to practice is spent on pre-teens, so instead I choose to live vicariously through the musicians we see.

If you have questions, shoot us an email at

-Brittany & Aubrey

2017 Best Shows

We have our yearly rendition of our 'Best Of' list of shows - JUST FOR YOU ALL! Hope you had as good of a year (as far as music fandom goes, anyway) as we did! #livemusiclou #bestof2017
2017 Best Shows