LML’s Faves of 2017

Here are some of favorite things released in 2017. It was casually a pretty big year across the board – our ears certainly reaped the benefits. And don’t worry, we made a playlist with a few of these faves plus some bonus gooduns, so keep scrolling!

*Denotes artists we saw live this year

MasseductionSt Vincent*

St Vincent reins supreme as a queen of rock – Masseduction is really good. The live show accompanying this album was a visual and sonic masterpiece, too.

DAMN.Kendrick Lamar

DAMN. appears on pretty much every best of 2017 list… for obvious reasons. Kung Fu Kenny went in (again).


We only saw him for a couple of songs, wrapping up our Lollapalooza 2017, but those few moments were everything. Sampha’s voice is something out of a dream, and he continues to impress with his soulful sound and intelligent words.

Crack UpFleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes went off the grid for a couple of years, so fans were excited to get their FF fix once again. Crack Up delivered. The folk group released something that was orchestral and mammoth, very different from other releases this year.

HeartwormsThe Shins*

Like Fleet Foxes, we hadn’t gotten anything from The Shins in a few years, so it was exciting to hear them again.

The World’s Best American BandWhite Reaper*

They made this claim very early in the year and it may have come to fruition, as many folks will argue that Louisville’s White Reaper is one of the bests. They are still best enjoyed live, but this year’s release has been a wonderful edition to our vinyl collection.

22, A MillionBon Iver*

Bon Iver reinvented themselves once again with this trippy, layered album. Paired with a subtle yet dramatic set, this live show was definitely one of our favorites of the year. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is working with a lot of artists and all those creative juices are working for him and 22, A Million shows it.

AromanticismMoses Sumney

This album may take a couple of close listens to really appreciate, but when you’ve hit that sweet spot it is clear this is a beautiful complete piece. Though our age, Sumney seems to have lived a life far more complex than me.

City MusicKevin Morby*

We first heard Kevin Morby while preparing for our first Bonnaroo and City Music really stuck with us.


SZA had everyone talking this year with her highly anticipated release. CTRL has a lot of emotion and we felt it…and loved it. This album is one that I can listen to multiple times in a row and not even notice. She uses her voice in such a way that her story and experiences are brought to life, making them even more impactful.

Of Random UnisonFree Soul Effect*

If our Lit Listen for this release doesn’t show our love, then I don’t know what will. The collaborations on Free Soul Effect’s take their 2017 album to a whole other level.

Same SkyJames Lindsey and The Grand Nationals*

This is the first release for the newly reimaged James Lindsey. He has found his groove with his backing band, The Grand Nationals. The meshing of the two definitely works. Same Sky was an appetizing album for the year with its upbeat and original tracks.

Victory LapsWax Fang*

Wax Fang always does it for us. We had gotten several singles from this release in the months leading up, but the full release and multiple parties to celebrate were a lot of fun.

Human ChildFrederick the Younger*

Frederick the Younger officially blew up this year and Human Child is a large reason for it. They hit the road and have gotten national attention – well done folks!

Take a listen to these tracks and more as we reminisce on 2017 and welcome 2018!

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