LML Weekly Preview: Forecastle x 4


No for real, this is our dream weekend. The lineup always ends up being exactly what we want. These are the sets we are most excited about pre-festing. We are always surprised, which is the beauty of Forecastle, so I would probably expect that our review will include *all* of the bands. Anyway, you’ll definitely find us at the sets below, but we’ll prob be running around to catch as many sets around the festival as possible. Check out why we’re so into each one, and then take a listen to our Spotify playlist both before and after the weekend!

Cheers to 15 years, friends!

Friday (7/14) –

Twin Limb (Mast Stage @ 3:00 pm) – It’s not their first time playing Forecastle, and I would imagine it’s also not their last. ICYMI, the 3-piece Louisville band was also gracious enough to answer a few questions for us!

Quiet Hollers (Port Stage @ 4:15 pm) – The Louisville guys have a brand new album to showcase at their Port Stage set.

Chicano Batman (Mast Stage @ 4:30 pm) – Saying that their sound is smooth is an understatement. I can see lots of shoulder dancing in the future.

Jaye Jayle (Port Stage @ 5:45 pm) – Today’s local lineup is stacked. Plus, we heard (from Evan Patterson, himself) that there will be a visual art component to entertain your eyes, as well as your ears.

GRiZ (Ocean Stage @ 8:30 pm) – Just listening to a few songs here and there makes me super excited to catch GRiZ’s funk over on the Ocean Stage.

Run The Jewels (Boom Stage @ 9:00 pm) – I know some people get bummed that Forecastle can’t draw in *huge* names because of size issues, but this one is a pretty big deal.

Teddy Abrams & Friends (Port Stage @ 9:00 pm) – Did you see Britt’s interview with Teddy? There’s going to be TWENTY FOUR guests during this 1 1/2 hour set. Don’t miss a single second.

Real Estate (Headliners @ 12:00 am) – I constantly find myself humming their new song “Darling” (especially that intro!). The guys are playing a set earlier in the day, but I’m pumped for their late night show at Headliners. I think it will be a great way to end the first day!

Saturday (7/15) –

Lucy Dacus (Mast Stage @ 2:15 pm) – She opened up for Hamilton Leithauser just before Zanzabar underwent renovations and killed it. Looking forward to catching the 22-year-old again.

Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats (Mast Stage @ 5:30 pm) – Every single song from these guys is so full of energy. I expect great things from their live show.

Cashmere Cat (Ocean Stage @ 6:30 pm) – This is always about the time where it’s make or break for the rest of the night: it’s still hot af outside and there’s so many hours to go in the night. I really think this fun under-the-bridge set from Cashmere Cat is the one to bring on your second wind.

Vince Staples (Ocean Stage @ 8:30 pm) – Each time we’ve seen VS, he’s kept it so real. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the rapper this time, as well.

LCD Soundsystem (Mast Stage @ 9:30 pm) – If you had asked me a year ago about LCD Soundsystem, I (sadly) wouldn’t have had much to tell you. This will now be the 3rd time since September that we’ve seen them, and honestly, each show has been better than the last.

The New Pornographers (Headliners @ 12:00 am) – Aubrey has been talking about seeing The New Pornographers for FOREVER. Don’t let the late night time slot slow you down, yall, because this is a treat.

Sunday (7/16) –

Whitney (Boom Stage @ 2:30 pm) – Let’s hope that there aren’t sound issues like at Shaky Knees! I want to hear as much of Julien Ehrlich’s falsetto as possible.

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires (Mast Stage @ 3:30 pm) – We’re so happy to hear that Charles Bradley’s stomach cancer treatments were successful, because this man is hands down one of our favorite performers. I expect quite the crowd for this one.

Foxygen (Boom Stage @ 4:15 pm) – It’s amazing to me just how many Foxygen songs I knew without realizing they were Foxygen songs. I can’t wait to have them stuck in my head all damn day after their mid-afternoon set.

LANY (Ocean Stage @ 4:30 pm) – There will likely be lots of young’uns at this one, but who cares. The LA trio has great energy and knows how to get the crowd going.

Conor Oberst (Boom Stage @ 6:00 pm) – How does someone like Conor Oberst decide what to play in such a short amount of time? The man has such a huge repertoire of music to choose from, it’s crazy.

Adia Victoria (Port Stage @ 6:30 pm) – Welcome back, Ms. Adia! We’re stoked to see what the vibe is like during her festival show.

PJ Harvey (Mast Stage @ 7:00 pm) – There’s been a lot of hype around PJ Harvey on Forecastle’s lineup. No doubt, this chick can rock and this is a big time festival set- a nice pick up for Forecastle.

Spoon (Boom Stage @ 8:00 pm) – Spoon’s new music is on point.

Weezer (Mast Stage @ 9:15 pm) – What a great way to end the festival! The Sunday night lineup is so wonderful, and I really think the crowd is going to be lit during Weezer’s set. The 25-year-old band has some pretty stellar albums, and I hear they’re great live.

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