Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: July 16 – 22

Sunday was about as good as it could have been: the end of Forecastle plus the Game of Thrones premiere! This week gives us a moment of recovery and then picks up again for another quintessential Louisville summer weekend.

Monday (7/17) – 

Priests, Future Killer

Don’t take a night off. This show warrants your attendance.

Tuesday (7/18) –

New Found Glory

Their show at Headliners a few years back was actually really fun. It’ll be a throwback for a lot of us fans.

Wednesday (7/19) – 

Kites and Classical

Let’s get a little picnic together, fly some kites, and enjoy some classical tunes. This sounds so refreshing.


I’ve never wanted to explore extreme Polish metal so much before this moment.

Thursday (7/20) –

Rye Back Porch Sessions: Twenty First Century Fox and River City Rumble DJs

RBP is a summer staple. This month’s addition is in support of the Louisville Ballet.


Louisville Burger Week Passport Release Kick Off Party

So apparently Burger Week is next week. This party kicks off the week long event – you can get a passport thing that evening. Tristen Brooke will be providing some music.

Paint Butchertown Purple

There has been a ton of excitement around the announcement of the location for the new soccer stadium. This party will bring together all parties to celebrate the big moves of the team!

Friday and Saturday (7/21-7/22) –

Four Roses Bourbon Blues, Brews, and BBQ Festival

All of these things are delightful. Combining them all into one space/weekend seems a bit sinful.

Friday (7/21) – 

West Sixth Brewing and DJ JP Source

Beer + JP Source on a fine summer Friday night.

The Tillers with The Moondogs

After work outdoor concerts in New Albany. Bring your fam and enjoy regional music across the river.


Fourth Street Live hosts this English band, which is a nice change of pace from their usual modern country bookings.

Zoe Speaks

Reunion shows are always a fun gig.

Exacta Cube, Chris Kincaid

Local experimental electronic swag at Zbar.

Beware The Images

Beware The Images has a new EP due out in a few weeks. Check out their new stuff at Kaiju.

Saturday (7/22) – 

Wild Rivers, Small Time Napoleon

The Canadian band has earned quite the accolades back across the border, being described as one of the top up-and-coming folk acts. Honestly, they’re just delightful. Take a quick listen for yourself, and then get your little behind over to Z for a great show.

Corey Feldman and The Angels

This is so strange. It sounds like a train wreck (have you watched any of his morning television performances???) and I want to be there to witness whatever may happen at Trixie’s.

NuLu Summer Luau

A pig roast, surf music, leis and Hawaiian shirts galore.

No automatic alt text available.

Vagical Mystery Tour

Vag party lehgoo. So many burlesque-y events this weekend.

Pinky Doodle Poodle, Dry Summers, Wax Astro

The lead vocalist is a successful Japanese anime singer (known from his vocals on popular video games). Whhhaaaaaa!

Origins & Oddities

I don’t even know. Part of me is so intrigued, the other part of me is kind of freaked out. Nevertheless, this sounds like a “you gotta be there” event.

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