LML Local Focus: Twin Limb @ Forecastle

Round 2 of our newest series: LML Local Focus with Twin Limb. Britt first came across the trio in Decca’s basement, and they’ve been a Live Music Lou favorite ever since. There’s just something about the ethereal, smoldering sounds that emanate from all three band members that keeps you coming back for more and more. PLUS, Lacey, MaryLiz, and Kevin are arguably the three coolest people in town, so there’s that. We caught up with the band in anticipation of their Forecastle reappearance – check out what they had to say and then be sure not to miss Twin Limb Friday afternoon at 3:00 on the Mast Stage!

📸: Instagram — 07.17.15 @forecastlefest is off to a great start 🐛💜

Live Music Louisville: Forecastle has such a presence in the city. For us (& maybe it’s because we’re not originally from here…so possibly a little biased) it’s one of the biggest weekends of the year around town. How does it feel to be one of the local acts on this year’s lineup?

Kevin Ratterman (Twin Limb): It’s really just been so interesting seeing the festival grow and become what it is today from a few friends gathering around picnic tables around the bathrooms at Tyler Park to a mega arts and music festival. And I’m so glad that even after it’s reached its current state that the festival strives to shine a light on different local artists every year. It’s humbling to be asked back…

MaryLiz Bender (Twin Limb): We’re so incredibly honored to be invited to play Forecastle again. We’ve played a few festivals at this point, and I honestly feel like Forecastle always has the best lineup. I’m just as excited to play as I am to attend again!

Lacey Guthrie (Twin Limb): Same! I’m glad we’re in such good local company, as always.

LML: What other Forecastle acts do you plan on checking out over the weekend?

Kevin: PJ Harvey, LCD Soundsystem, Run The Jewels, Jaye Jayle and Jack Harlow.

MaryLiz: I get to see some of my favorite legends and so many incredible friends that I’ve not had the chance to see play in Louisville yet: PJ Harvey, LCD Soundsystem, Spoon, Phantogram, Conor Oberst, Sun Seeker, Black Matter, and the list goes on. We’re also super stoked to see Teddy & Friends where we’ll be performing a few songs with dear friends of ours!

Lacey: I’m excited to see a lot of these, too. I haven’t seen Run The Jewels yet, so I’m really excited about that in particular.

📸: Instagram — 08.28.15 Regram from Jonathon Mobley. Had a beautiful night last night. Thank you Louisville.

LML: It sounds like you all were super excited for the Our Place in Space event at Headliners. It sounded AWESOME. How was it?! Slash any plans to do something similar in the future?

MaryLiz: Yes, it was impossible to contain my excitement about the space conference we threw at Headliners on June 17th. I can easily call it one of the highlights of my life. We heard from NASA engineers, astrophysicists, and space policy experts about how all of us are needed to play a role in shaping the future of space exploration. For the first time, I felt like we built a solid space community in Louisville. As they say, “Build it and they will come.” That was definitely the first of many annual conferences of its kind and I can’t see what it forms into. My hope is that the trajectory looks something similar to that of Forecastle’s past. Starting off on a small scale in a park, and eventually growing into one of the best gatherings in the world.

Most importantly, the goal was to change lives and inspire anyone to get involved in the space industry, regardless of education or knowledge level. I believe we achieved that, and I want to grow that mission for the rest of my life.

Lacey: It was amazing. MaryLiz and the rest of the Oh Wow! folks knocked it out of the park.

📸: Instagram — 07.19.15 Thank you, @forecastlefest ! #forecastlefestival

LML: We discovered the Southside Quarry a few years ago and it’s become a fav summertime spot. It’s pretty perfect for cooling off and hanging out. Do you all have a (indoor or outdoor) hotspot during the summer months?

MaryLiz: I’ve heard great things about this quarry, but I’ve yet to go! I’ve always remained so busy during the summer months that I don’t get out on the town as often as I’d like. When I find a few free hours on a weekend day, I’m almost surely riding roller coasters and destroying water slides at Kentucky Kingdom.

Lacey: I just went on my first trip to Canoe KY and it was great. The Elkhorn is gorgeous.

LML: What’s your fav spot in Lou (venue/record store/etc) for finding new music?

Kevin: Guestroom.

MaryLiz: We have the luxury of being home to so many incredible places to discover new music in this town, it’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite. In reflecting, I think I’ve discovered the most new music through shows at Zanzabar.

Lacey: Shows at Kaiju. I’ve discovered a lot of my new favorite bands there.

📸: Instagram — 08.26.15 Ready to rock! See you at the waterfront 💃🏻💖🌴🔮

LML: You mentioned to Aubrey at Bonnaroo that there’s some new music in the works…can you give us hot off the press details?

Kevin: We’ve had tons of new material being tossed around over the last year from various iPhone voice memos and practice jamz. We recently sat down in May and assembled all of it for a new record. There’s much more material than just one albums worth so we’re just planning on going into the studio in August with all of it and seeing what comes out with no expectations. We’re super pumped about it. Hoping to be wrapping up production early fall. So I’d bet by this time next year there will be plenty of new Limb jamz to chew on.

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