Live Music Lou’s Special Preview: Lou Fest 2016

Get ready to see plenty of the #FromLoutoShiningLou hashtag as a group of Louisville’s finest are headed to St. Louis for another Lou Fest. We had such a super time last year, that we had to come back for more! We’re excited about a whole weekend in St. Louis exploring the city a little more than last year, but we all know the four stages and stacked line up are what really bring the girls to the yard. Here are some sets we are hella pumped for!


Ms. Lauryn Hill – (Saturday 7:00pm Forest Park Stage)

1/2 of the LML duo has seen Ms. Lauryn Hill – we’re both excited to see this powerhouse of a woman in action.

Vince Staples – (Saturday 5:00pm Forest Park Stage)

The man has a knack for boosting your energy, and I’m sure he’s going to bust it out again on Saturday night.

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires – (Friday 7:30pm Shade Stage)

It has been a minute since we’ve seen Mr. Charles Bradley, but since that Headliners show in 2014, the man has continued to just w.o.r.k.

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals – (Satuday 6:00pm Tunespeak BMI Stage)

We missed Anderson .Paak when he came to Mercury Ballroom, so we will absolutely make up for that this weekend. His album Malibu is one of our favorites of the year.

Mothers – (Saturday 2:00pm Tunespeak BMI Stage)

We interviewed this Athens, GA band last year before their Communion show and their buzz has continued to grow since that time. Like for real, everyone is talking about Mothers. We have only just missed them every time they’ve come to town, so this is a priority for us to see what all this chatter is about.

JMR – (Friday 12:30pm Tunespeak BMI Stage)

JMR came up on my Do314 Spotify Lou Fest Playlist and I was intrigued immediately. The sound fits in well with very NOW names like James Blake and Jack Garrett.

Judah & the Lion – (Saturday 1:15pm Forest Park Stage)

One group that is absolutely on our packed schedule is Nashville’s Judah & the Lion. They are a funky, fun bunch of guys out here grinding and doing what they love…the equation for a great band. Like forreal, how adorbs?!

Judah & the Lion

2016 has been big for the guys of Judah & the Lion and it sounds like their keeping the momentum going into 2017. We were able to chase down the band’s dynamic drummer, Spencer Cross for a couple questions, including their Zombie Apocalypse plan.

Live Music Lou: Live On The Green and The Ryman within 6 months of each other?! Congrats! What does it mean to play hometown shows in such big time environments?

Spencer of Judah & the Lion: Thank you! It is incredibly humbling for us. We love our hometown and love this city, and are so grateful for these opportunities. I think it speaks to how supportive our fan base is here and the connection we have with them. Any hometown for a band sees the entire growth of the band, and Nashville has loved us at every stage. Nashville brought us together, shaped us, and pushed us out of the nest to fly! We’re so excited to fly back to the nest and celebrate with these amazing opportunities.

LML: You’ve been touring heavy, and I can only imagine how taxing that can be on one’s body. What is your all’s healthiest habits on the road? And conversely, which are the unhealthiest? 

J&TL: Touring can definitely take a toll on one’s body, especially when you’re traveling in a van like we are! In a bus, you’re able to refrigerate things, so it’s easier to have fruits and veggies on hand, but in a van you’re at the mercy of interstate exits. We try and get sleep when we can, consume plenty of Vitamin C, and choose the best possible alternative to fast food (usually Chipotle or Chick-fil-a). On the other hand, to some we may consume a little too much coffee (I say no such thing!), and we’ll also never turn down a delicious ice cream cone!

LML: Similarly, all the hours driving, I’m sure you guys listen to some good playlists. Who are you listening to right now?

J&TL: Our music tastes are all over the map, which is part of what makes us US! Right now, we’re jamming to a little bit of Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, The Naked and Famous, Jimmy Eat World, and Eagles.

LML: The new album’s title alone covers so many styles of music, much like your sound as a whole. Is it this range that has drawn fans or something else (dashing good looks, impeccable style, cologne, etc?)

J&TL: You’re very flattering! I think fans do enjoy the eclectic nature of our sound and the unique perspective we offer sonically. We have a core set of instruments, but we enjoy pushing the boundaries of those instruments and this last album (Folk, Hop, N Roll) was a testament to that. When people find out we have a banjo and mandolin in the band, they have an idea of what we should sound like. But when you see us live for the first time, you should expect the unexpected. 😉

LML: Aaand last but not least. Scenario: you guys wake up after a show and come to realize that the Zombie Apocalypse has occurred. What skills do each of you provide for the potential survival of the group?

J&TL: Wow. Dark. Ok, Brian’s a skilled climber-of-things, so he’d probably be able to scurry up trees to keep watch and escape danger. Nate’s really good at getting to know people, so I could see him befriending the zombies and reasoning with them. Judah would warm up his throwing arm from his college baseball days to hurl things at the oncoming zombies. And I (Spencer) could use my Eagle Scout skills to build some shelter, tie some knots, and start some fires if we were on the run! Those zombies don’t stand a chance.

Rest assured friends, I think these dudes will keep us safe (well, I guess maybe that’e only if you’re with them??). Also, don’t worry because plenty of these acts are coming through Louisville here in the near future.


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