Live Music Lou Weekly Preview: Nicole Atkins

That’s right folks. It’s that time again for this month’s Communion Louisville! We’ve got the inside scoop on singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins. If you listen to FPK at all, you’ve heard her soulful, folky voice come over the airwaves. She’ll be taking the stage along with Brent Cobb, Shelly Colvin, and Matt Maeson. Check out what she has to say and then join us at Zbar Thursday night.

Live Music Lou: The concept of Communion is pretty amazing. How did you get involved with this month’s residency?

Nicole Atkins: I saw a couple of the Communion residency shows they did in NYC at Rockwood a couple years back when I lived there. I just moved to Nashville and was talking to my friend Mike about finding a cool vibey place to try out some new songs solo and BOOM! he just happened to be putting on some southern Communion shows. Synchronicity.

LML: I just returned from a trip to Sweden and read that you have spent a significant amount of times in the country. What is it about Sweden that keeps you coming back? (Honestly, I may have fallen in love on my recent trip!!!)

NA: When I was looking for someone to produce my first record Neptune City, I had a good conversation with Tore Johansson (The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand) and he has a studio in Malmö. He’s a multi instrumentalist and producer that approaches arrangements as classical filtered through a weird dream like state. I’ve never met anyone like him. And his studio looks like a messy psychedelic pirate ship filled with strange instruments. I also made my third record Slow Phaser, with him there. A lot of my favorite artists like Dungen and The Hives are from there. Sweden has an epic coastline and a 40 watt sun. I try to spend as much time there as I can. It’s a great place to be creative.

LML: Summertime is sweet for us as teachers – free time for relaxation, travels, outdoor fun, friends, etc. What are your favorite summer time activities or traditions?

NA: I usually spend summers at home on the Jersey Shore in Asbury Park, NJ when I’m not on tour. Even though I grew up there I really love to soak in the tourist culture. Skeeball, death trap boardwalk rides, body surfing, bike riding, footling hotdogs, homemade ice cream and surf rock bands on the beach at sunset. I love it there.

LML: Where is your home base these days? What local bands are you listening to that we need to check out when they come through here next?

NA: I just moved to Nashville, TN. There’s a nice dream pop scene there. I’m enjoying bands like Sun Seeker, Ranch Ghost and a woman named Thayer Sarrano. She’s like a mix of Mazzy Star and PJ Harvey and Morphine.

It is the last run before a summer break for festival season, so make sure you get over to Zanzabar this Thursday!!

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