Cage The Elephant throws down again in Lou

We saw Cage The Elephant for the first time a couple of years ago – for our first post, actually, opening for The Black Keys, also at Yum! Fast forward two years and the dudes are the headlining act, with fan favorites Portugal. The Man and Twin Peaks setting the mood.

Pit stop for a sec. Major props to Do502 & DoStuff for the SICK tickets. For once, I actually got there early enough to see not one, but both opening acts. I mean, I couldn’t miss either one. And neither could anyone else, apparently. The floor was mostly full of not-able-to-drink-yet babies, but they provided energy for the rest of the crowd, and entertainment as I watched countless numbers of them trying to sneak in to the space. The Twin Peaks dudes took over the stage as if they play there all the time. As for Portugal. The Man – there were definitely fans who showed up just for their set, including the SnapChat fiend in front of us.

It’s really difficult to not be totally into a Cage The Elephant show. We’ve seen our fair share of shows, and Matt Shultz is easily one of the most engaging, energetic crowd-pleasing entertainer that I’ve seen. Another Brittany was with me (since Aubrey was galavanting around Sweden already), and she made the comment that he would be an incredible dance partner. I mean, the man was literally leaping around stage. He would definitely know how to clear a dance floor.

OH. And those pants, though.


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