Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: April 24-30

Let’s hope the weather holds out because this week kicks off the summer outdoor music scene- Waterfront Wednesdays and Iroquois Amphitheater, lets go!  Check socials for our latest locations, come say hi while we’re out and about, and of course head back to to see photos and hear our thoughts on the shows we get to.

Tuesday (4/26)-

Modest Mouse with The Districts

Modest Mouse brought all kinds of people to Sunday of Forecastle last year and I think Louisville folks will show up for this one again, especially considering it opens up the Iroquois season.

Lupe Fiasco

We’ll be at Modest Mouse so I’m pretty bummed that we’ll miss this one.  Lupe Fiasco has been on my iTunes since his rise in 2006, although I’ll admit I haven’t really listened to his newest stuff, Tetsuo & Youth, and apparently there is more new music to come.  If you’re not at MM please, please go to this and send me snaps or something. Kay, thanks.

Wednesday (4/27)-

WFPK Waterfront Wednesday with 1200, Liz Vice and Rayland Baxter

1200 and the Waterfront have a beautiful standing relationship. If you’ve seen a 1200 show, expect something different and special- you know Jecorey will pull out all the stops.  We haven’t seen him perform since the fall so I’m ready for my 1200 and crew fix.

Mount Moriah, Margaret Glaspy

This band out of North Carolina has a certain texture to them that definitely comes out in their new album, How to Dance. Read the dedication and like their music, feel inspired to be your best you.

mount moriah

The White Buffalo- Modern Times Tour

Why there are other shows scheduled for the night of the first WFW blows my mind.  If this was any other night we’d definitely be at that one. If you’re a Sons of Anarchy fan, you’ll recognize this artist. The White Buffalo has that rustic roots feel that always leads to a good time.

Thursday (4/28)-

stfu. US Tour: B.o.B. with special guests Scotty ATL & London Jae

Louisville hip-hop fans have back to back to back can’t miss days. I also have been on the B.o.B. train from his beginnings yet have little knowledge of his 2015 release, Psycadelik Thoughtz.  B.o.B’s latest notoriety has come from his unconventional (and ludicrous, really) beliefs about the shape of our earth, but I won’t hold that against him.  He’s bringing along several acts from his record label, as well.

The Loom CD Release

Look for our Weekly Preview including some questions with this Brooklyn Band. They’ve got a brand new album that they will be celebrating- Here in the Deadlights is an emotional release after a tough time lead singer, John Fanning.

The Loom
The Loom

Friday (4/29)-

I Can’t Drive 64: New Bravado, Fanged Robot, Cat Casual and The Holy Midnight

This Lexington/Louisville series is a great way to show support for our neighbors right down the road.

The Thumps with Tall Squares

We have only just heard of The Thumps but they have played several shows in the past few weeks, which tells me they are HOT right now.

Saturday (4/30)-

Sun Club

Sun Club describes themselves as “a group of buddies playing happy music <3” and seconds into listening to The Dongo Durango, I can attest that this description is pretty accurate. It is a poppy and happy but different enough to stand out- I can tell that they enjoy making music while not being afraid to play around with what they do.

Béla Fleck with The Louisville Orchestra

Brittany gushed about Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn’s Waterfront Wednesday show from last summer.  Pair Béla Fleck’s unmatched mastery on the banjo with the Teddy Abrams Louisville Orchestra and holy cow, that’s an amazing combo. You’ve got two chances to catch this one- a matinee on Friday and Saturday evening.  Get to one, for real.

Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn at Waterfront Wednesday
Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn at Waterfront Wednesday

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