The Live Music Lou Weekly Preview: The Loom

Brooklyn band, The Loom, is coming to town and they’ve got a new album for our listening pleasure.  The music came as a result of a tough period for front man John Fanning- he got all up in his feelings while writing this one- and we get to reap the benefits of this catharsis.  Tonight, the band will be playing the always charming Zanzabar and you should absolutely join us in checking these guys and gal out. In the meantime, we asked John Fanning a few true to style Live Music Lou Weekly Preview questions. Go ahead and give them a read.

Live Music Lou: This album seems to be really heavy. Writing an album with that much depth must be a release, but is it hard to revisit those emotions on a regular basis while performing?

John Fanning of The Loom: Actually, it’s kind of the other way around. Playing these songs live is my favorite and most joyful part by a mile. You’re definitely right that a lot of the experiences that led into the making of this record were pretty heavy, but now that that time has passed, it’s really just a huge release and kind of blissful to play the music, both because I’m really proud of what we made during that period, and also since much of it is a lot louder than our previous music, and frankly, while I’m probably going to be deaf in like five years, I just never seem to tire of the visceral joy of playing guitars and drums really loud. But yeah, making this record (and the other one! we made two at the same time during this period, the other of which will come out later, so you can imagine the rabbit hole element…) was the hard(er) part, now it’s just really exhilarating to get to finally go out and play these songs for people.
LML:  You all have been together as a band for about 10 years now.  Could you answer these questions about your band mates?
  • rom com or action?
JF:  Actioncom? You know, like “The Wrestler” or something where a lot of crazy stuff happens all while your heart-strings are being pulled at the same time. Gets you right in the heart and the gut all at once.
  • chocolate or vanilla?

JF: Chocolate, for sure. Preferably in the form of a Snickers Ice Cream Bar, many of which will be bought at gas stations on this tour.

  • baseball or football?

JF: Baseball. We’re not a super sporty bunch, and sitting outside, drinking a beer, and watching a sport where most of the time it looks somewhat like the people on the field could also be doing the same thing, feels about our sports-speed.

LML:  Brooklyn is a hot bed of creativity right now.  What is it about the borough that seems to working for so many creative minds?  (Also, what Brooklyn bands are you listening to right now that we need to check out!)

JF: Hmm…well, just being able to exist and pay the rent in Brooklyn can be a fairly challenging task, so in a perverse way I think it really kind of motivates you to work really hard at what you’re doing, because otherwise there are much more carefree places you could probably be living. That, and there is also definitely some sort of osmosis factor at play, wherein just being surrounded by so many insanely talented and creative people really inspires you to try and step up your game as much as possible.

In terms of other Brooklyn bands, I’m going to take this opportunity to shout out the three amazing bands (and friends) who are playing our Brooklyn record release show with us – Field GuidesJesse R. Berlin, and Chimneys – I’d love all of their music even if I didn’t love them all as people and/or hadn’t played with them in the past. Oh, and Phantom Family Halo – same for those guys, though I know they’re partly a Louisville band at heart (the last time I played in Louisville was actually playing guitar with PFH on the tour for their last record). Otherwise, the record “Wendy” by Small Wonder is one of the most beautiful and amazing things I’ve heard in a long, long while. Oh, and Aesop Rock. I don’t know if he technically lives in Brooklyn but I’m pretty sure he’s in New York again, and I’m basically obsessed with his music.

Check out this new video to get a little preview for Thursday.  We’re feeling it.

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