GonzoFest ’16

Let me just start with this sentiment: Saturday was the The. Most. Perfect. Day.

This meant that there were so many people out to enjoy the beautiful weather, a gob of those choosing to do so on the Waterfront celebrating the best of weird Louisville and Hunter S Thompson. We relished in the local brews, art, and of course live tunes, made even more delectable by the abundance of UV rays and 80 degree temps. Each band added their own kind of Gonzo flair and sounded great for our first of many spring/summer days spent on the Big Four Lawn.

  • We talked with Chrome Pony for our Weekly Preview and they lived up to the high bar we had set. The guys are some cool rockers with that Nashville air about them.
  • Goodness, Wax Fang. The local loves had a great crowd for their set and everyone was REALLY feeling them. Scott Carney continues to blow us away and we look forward to more new music from the genius minds.
  • To be honest, we had to run over to #B315 and Beacons for a hot second and missed Dr. Dundiff’s set – Britt just saw him at Live Lunch, so we didn’t feel too guilty. We did hear/see that, as has become customary, Dundiff brought along his all star friends for his set. All I can say is, the man can rock some Lily Pulitzer like a true prep.
  • Natural Child played as the sun began to set and from what I gathered, they like drugs and stuff. I liked their guitar solos and beanies. Everybody has their thing. No but for real, they are carefree, simple and honest. Admirable and fitting qualities for the day and it’s honoree.
  • I’m going to be straight with you: I needed some pizza badly by this time. Although we didn’t stay for their entire set, Fly Golden Eagle provided what we come to expect from them. Ben Trimble’s voice is so distinctive and drives their sound in a direction that is catchy, fast paced and haunting, somehow all at the same time.

Some people will try and dis GonzoFest as honoring a flawed yet brilliant individual like HST, but I think that negates the purpose of the day: we’ve all got our eccentricities and each is magnificent in its own way.


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