Mr. East is back again

Anderson East has certainly left his mark on Louisville.  Headliners was packed with some pretty exuberant AE fans- everyone was dancing and singing along to the hits from his 2015 release, Delilah, as well as enjoying some previews of stuff in the works.

East is quite the charmer- I mean, how else would he have snagged Miranda? The more mature women in attendance all couldn’t tear their eyes away from the good looking fellow, but hell, we felt that way, too. Add in his smooth and soulful voice singing his truthful tales of love and the deal is sealed.

We did notice that the venue was especially loud that evening.  We had a couple of theories as to why it was that way (fans used to outdoor shows, drunk adults just talking loud, etc…) but it was certainly an irritant.

Mr. East returns to Lou this summer for a Sunday Forecastle set. I’m sure he will help me push through to the end of the weekend.


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