Hoodie makes the crowd happy

Hoodie Allen is a college kid favorite- we definitely listened to him back during undergrad. That’s been a couple of years now, but the youths are still following this multidimensional rapper.

Apparently Hoodie has had several big shows here in Louisville and he came into this night with the memory of those events in tow.  His Louisville fans seemed to be in the same boat- there were some kids that lined up REAL early (like in the AM) to be first into Mercury, which shows the draw this guy has.

His latest album, the 2016 release Happy Camper was the focal point of the evening- I was definitely in the minority not being familiar with his new stuff.  “Are U Having Any Fun?” was the leading song/video for the album and his video game inspired live performance of it was pretty cool.

Hoodie Allen at Mercury
Hoodie Allen at Mercury

Hoodie Allen is an animated, active and audience pleasing dude.  He worked the crowd the entire night, including what I guess is a traditional cake throw or something like that?  He’s growing up, as we all unfortunately do, but is still able to draw in his younger fans with his contagious energy. That is attractive at and for any age.


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