LML Weekly Preview: Chrome Pony and GonzoFest ’16

We had a freaking blast at GonzoFest last year, and the continually growing festival is set to be another good one this Saturday. With bands like Fly Golden Eagle, Quiet Hollers and Frederick The Younger, you know we’ll be there. Forecasts call for a BEAUTIFUL day, so why not spend it with some phenomenal bands and other Gonzo fans on the Waterfront?

It sounds like we need to introduce this Nashville band to the glories of spring in the bluegrass, even though their name might suggest otherwise. Chrome Pony will be at two single day festivals in Kentucky this festi-season (catch them at GonzoFest this Saturday and Moontower in August), so we pulled them out of the studio to answer a few questions.

Live Music Lou: Chrome Pony will be in the Bluegrass State a couple of times this spring/summer and we’ve got to make the “pony” reference here. Ever been to a horse race before? If so, any part of those festivities that you particularly enjoy?

Tyler of Chrome Pony: I’ve never been to a proper horse race. I have been to a county fair where they raced around barrels though. Mostly enjoyed the lemonade.

LML: Saturday’s events honor one of Louisville’s greatest and most eccentric and creative minds. Does any part of Hunter S. Thompson come through in what you do or have any meaning to your band?

CP: We actually love Hunter S Thompson’s work. I don’t know that we are directly influenced as a band by him, but he definitely holds a special place in our hearts.

LML: A tour with Cage The Elephant has to be a pretty effing epic way to start 2016. What does the summer have in store for you guys?

CP: Thanks, it was a blast. Hoping the summer finds us in equally as exciting places. We’re also releasing some new music, maybe working on a new record?

LML: Being based in Nashville, y’all are surrounded by great music constantly. Who are you listening to from your hometown?  (As in…who should we absolutely catch next time they roll through Louisville?)

CP: Some of my Nashville faves are Ranch Ghost, Music Band, Clear Plastic Masks, Fly Golden Eagle, Natural Child, OJR, Rayland Baxter, Blank Range, and on and on and on. If you find any of these bands, they’ll lead you to more.

Chrome Pony will take the main stage mid afternoon, but check out the full schedule here!

See all you crazy people there!

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