A hodgepodge of artists and music intellectuals

The International Association for the Study of Popular Music, or IASPM for short, held it’s annual US convention here in Louisville last week.  This means a bunch of musical masterminds from across the country were in town to talk about all kinds of popular music on a scholarly level. In hindsight, and with that in mind, the outwardly random line-up for The New Vintage last Thursday night actually kind of made sense. David Grubbs, Wussy and 1200 put together an evening covering several musical genres that was valued by all in attendance.

David Grubbs, who we listened to from the bar area, is a Louisville native and academic himself.  He is known as being involved with many groups in the past, but has been recently been focusing on his solo work as well as professorship.

Next was Wussy- a Cincinnati based band of some older, rocking dudes (and a babe) who love to play music together.  Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker do a lot of the singing (and sounds like writing, too) but each musician in the band plays their part perfectly.  I’ve come to love a good pedal steel guitar and John Erhardt has that with Wussy. He’s cool, flannel wearing guy that is just doing something he’s good at and enjoys- this sentiment is reflected throughout the band and their music.

Our local favorite, 1200– who fit in quite well these musical innovators- closed it out.  It had gotten late in the night and sometimes crowds will start to clear out.  I was also concerned that this group wasn’t ready for a hip hop act following the first two performances, but I was quite mistaken.  This IASPM group clearly respected good music, independent of genre or style, because the crowd remained just as large and just as engaged.  I mean, with Jecorey’s stage presence and talent, it is really hard to not be.  The New Vintage made the fourth venue we’ve seen 1200 put on a show and I’ve come to a conclusion:  it doesn’t matter where he and his team are, they’ll bring it.

#IASPMUSCON ended up compiling an eclectic night of music that otherwise might not have ever occurred together- who can complain about that?


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