Their own sort of Michigan bluegrass: Greensky Bluegrass

Bluegrass fans might be some of the most devout fans of any genre. The crowd at Headliners last week, amid the intense snow and chilling winds, was out of control for a Thursday night with Greensky Bluegrass.  It wasn’t the largest crowd in any way, but it may have been one of the most active that we’ve been to in awhile.

It looks like the boys of Greensky kicked off their winter tour in Louisville and will be hitting the road pretty heavily through the spring and into summer with appearances at some big-time bluegrass festivals around the country- at this point including, DelFest, Blue Ox, Telluride and Grey Fox.  The list really is quite impressive and speaks highly of their product.

Greensky Bluegrass is a fairly typical bluegrass jam band in most ways except for one really: they’re from Michigan, specifically Kalamazoo.  Hailing from that generic region of the country, and having visited their city many times, bluegrass music is not what I think of when it comes to that city.  Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they are playing this Kentucky born form of music.  Greensky fits pretty well into a “new” brand of bluegrass that has evolved and is appropriately called “jamgrass.”  Much like Yonder Mountain String Band, who we saw earlier this year, their songs and instrumentation are very much based in the traditional bluegrass, string methods, but with a lot of extended improvs.  The dobro and Anders Beck play a huge role in Greensky’s jamming- he stole many of the songs with his passionate yet precise playing.

We had another snow day, so their late night jamming was fully enjoyed and appreciated- see you guys again soon!


Greensky Bluegrass at Headliners Music Hall
Greensky Bluegrass at Headliners Music Hall

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