2014’s first Winter Wednesday: Charlie Mars & Alex Wright

We have both been sustaining members of WFPK since last year – it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made since moving to town. The public media here in Louisville is spectacular and we are incredibly lucky to have it as a resource. Waterfront Wednesdays are monthly summer events that we cannot (and this year, did not) miss. Winter Wednesdays, the newest addition to WFPK’s free concert series, have been increasing in popularity. We went to one last year without really knowing who was playing, and the theater at the Clifton Center was pretty full. This time we used our member status to get prime seating (VIP braceletts!!) four rows back.

The first Winter Wednesday of this season included Louisville singer/songwriter (and doctor – if that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is) Alex Wright, along with headliner, Charlie Mars. Besides these spectacular free concerts 10 months out of the year, one of the other things I love about WFPK is that I am introduced to music that I otherwise may not hear. These two artists are prime examples of that.

Both men played stripped down sets relying on nothing but their voices and guitars (or piano) in true singer/songwriter style, something I’ve always appreciated. Having now heard Mars’ “Listen to the Darkside” in this way, I think I prefer it to his original version that became a “minor” hit, as he self-described it during his performance. Between songs, we heard stories from the performers about how the songs originated – sometimes literally (aka Charlie Mars’ dream song). The personal nature of their performances was really endearing. I loved hearing the background stories from each musician.

Our awkwardness shone through once again after the show. We snuck out a back exit and happened to walk right past Charlie, Alex, and Kyle Meredith out back having a smoke. There was definite eye contact on all accounts, but we just giggled like little girls and then silently kept up our brisk pace. Of course.

One day.


Alex Wright with Tara Anderson & Sarah Smith at The Clifton Center
Alex Wright with Tara Anderson & Sarah Smith at The Clifton Center
Charlie Mars at The Clifton Center
Charlie Mars at The Clifton Center
Charlie Mars' Email List
Charlie Mars’ Email List

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