Sidewalk Chalk: A Haymarket favorite

It was my first time to a show at Haymarket, having only been there just a couple of other times. Walking back to the stage area makes you feel like you’re entering a cellar, with damp exposed brick and tired lighting. The Chicago-based Sidewalk Chalk had been there earlier this year, and they returned last Saturday to an excited crowd. This instrumental rap/hip hop group knows how to get an audience involved in their music. The show was being recorded for a live album (I’m hoping that some of the songs make the cut!), and the crowd loved every minute. I wasn’t expecting so many people to be in the band, but the combination of all the sounds hit all of the right notes. I don’t think many people can resist amazing female vocals and electrifying horns, especially when they’re unusually combined with rap. I know that Haymarket has enjoyed hosting the band (I have an Instagram comment as proof), and I’m excited to see them again when they return to Louisville.


Sidewalk Chalk at Haymarket
Sidewalk Chalk at Haymarket
Sidewalk Chalk at Haymarket
Sidewalk Chalk at Haymarket

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