Who even knew you could crowd surf at Haymarket?

Brittany literally could not stop raving about them after her first run in.  I don’t know where I was that October night, but I certainly wasn’t at Haymarket for a visit from Chicago based Sidewalk Chalk and from Britt’s retelling, I missed out. Thankfully for me, less than six months later, this Louisville favorite was back in town for another go in the back room of Haymarket.

The group is comprised of talented musicians playing the keys, drums, trumpet, trombone (all who occasionally throw some back up vocals in there) as well as a female vocalist, Marga Marion, and MC Rico Sisney.  The combination on paper seems like a lot but the sound is very well meshed and is irresistible for all those who attend.

Drummer Tyler played so hard he bled, spotting him in line for the bathroom at the conclusion of their set.  He said that the first time they came to Lou, they somehow wound up out front of Garage Bar playing on some crummy PA system.  After a few unsuccessful times back, the band thought their run here had ended, only when a Haymarket crowd caught wind of their brass and vocals driven sound, and the rest is history. Saturday night they had our buddy 1200 and crew opening for them, which was an ideal warm-up for Sidewalk Chalk’s funky show.

Their recent album is a compilation of live recordings made across the country, including a hole in the wall bar I’ve never even heard of in my hometown of Fort Wayne (The Brass Rail) as well as Haymarket.  Next time I’m home in Indiana, I’ll be checking this venue out for sure.  We of course had to buy Shoulder Season, with the hope of maybe playing it as an example of quality rap for the young and musically ignorant minds we teach daily.


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