23SB & Pokey wish the Belle a happy 100

ROMP introduced us to both The 23 String Band and Pokey LaFarge in 2012, our first summer in town. It was a literal introduction for 23SB – we talked with them for a while before their after party show at Pioneer Village, and I’m fairly certain I still have Marty’s business card from when I followed them into that house as they were trying to get on stage (sorry, guys.. must’ve been the bourbon that I wasn’t yet used to). We’ve basically been minor groupies and have seen them pretty much every time they’ve been in town. I feel lucky that they signed their Bangin’ and Clangin’ colored vinyl at the last Waterfront Wednesday. Needless to say, it’s a huge bummer that Sunday evening was their final performance. I was a little disappointed about the turnout, but I suppose that a Sunday afternoon is a tough time to draw a huge crowd, even if it was the end of the Festival of Riverboats. People came trickling in for Pokey later on, and he delivered an equally stellar performance. What I love about him is that I don’t even know most of his songs but every time I see him I can dance and jam right along as if I do.

So, cheers to you, Belle of Louisville for turning 100. And a toast to Chris, Scotty, Marty, Dave & Curtis – we hope to see you all around doing awesome things!


23 String Band
23 String Band
Belle of Louisville's 100th Birthday
Belle of Louisville’s 100th Birthday
Louisville Waterfront
Louisville Waterfront
Pokey LaFarge
Pokey LaFarge

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