Foster the People > Monday

After a pretty intense weekend, including The Avett Brothers and meeting my long-time celebrity crush Steve-O at the Laughing Derby on Saturday, going back to work Monday was a doozie.  Thankfully, Britt had gotten us tickets for another trip to The Palace for Foster the People.  It did not have the same kind of anticipation or glamour (on my end solely) as the weekend events, simply because Monday’s are the worst.  Even so, it was a great time and a wonderful end to the worst day of the week.  They played songs from their first album, “Torches” as well as their 2014 release “Supermodel,” keeping the energy high throughout the show.  I was very impressed by the sheer volume of instruments that the five men played over the course of the evening, with Mark Foster leading the way.  He rotated through different instruments each song and even within a song.  The crowd was pretty young so Mr. Foster took the chance to speak to the youthful and impressionable about their ability to do positive things in the world and their importance in our future.   This and the upbeat music helped me shake off my Monday blues and look forward to the rest of the week.


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