Middle Waves III LML Preview

middle waves iii

Ya’ll have probably never heard of Fort Wayne, and that is okay. I get it. Even though it is the second largest city in Indiana, and my hometown, only a few of my friends in Louisville are aware that it exists.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway and have exhausted the usual couple hour drive spots (Cinci, St. Louis, Indy, Nashville, etc…) I recommend heading north to Fort Fun. This little city has seen a great deal of growth since I’ve left, and Middles Waves is a prime example of this development. The highly creative, volunteer run, nonprofit that is in it’s third year. Each year the fest improves and adds elements to make for an all-encompassing weekend. From a glitter station, to pictures with Lil Sebastian, to the numerous art installations on the ground, the Middle Waves fam has thought of it all.

The music is ranging, with local and national acts all taking the stage. There are a few big names this year that we are looking forward, and a bunch of bands that we will hear for the first time. Middle Waves has weird indie, hip-hop, funk, garage rock, aka pretty much anything a music fan could want. The atmosphere is hard to top, making this a welcomed annual fall festival for Live Music Lou.

Joywave – Joywave brings that east coast indie vibe to the Midwest. Their main stage set will get the weekend dance party going.

Flint Eastwood – Flint Eastwood made quite a name for herself at last year’s event. She stunned the crowd with her energy and persona. She can sing, for sure, but it was her contagious personality that brought the crowd in.

David Wax Museum – David Wax Museum is a band that frequents the Louisville airwaves via WFPK. I believe we have even seen them at a Winter Wednesday series. From what I remember, they use really interesting instruments… something about bones…

Lizzo – I’m pretty thrilled for this set because I love everything that Lizzo stands for. She is unapologetic about who she is and exudes positivity and self-love. I enjoy Lizzo’s fun, upbeat recorded music and can only imagine that a live performance of these songs will be that much better.

Dr. Dog – The Dr. Dog guys are staples on the indie music scene, and this will be Beaver’s first time with the Philly band. It has been a few years for me, and I feel like they are releasing new music all of the time, so this show will surely be a unique experience for me, too.




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