Live Music Lou Weekly Preview: Palisades

We are gearing up for yet another weekend of festival-ing. Louder Than Life has been around for a little bit, but we have never made it down to Champions Park to check it out. This year that changes. And we are bringing Aubrey’s little brother Donovan with us. When we told him about Palisades, who we were interviewing for this preview, he got really excited and played the below song for us. We decided we could get into it. Check out our interview with the band below. They like their bourbon straight, so they’ll fit in here just fine.

Live Music Lou: My 18 year old brother is a big fan (he says hi!) and I’m bringing him to his first festival. He couldn’t put into words why you all were so awesome, but he loves your stuff. Describe Palisades in 3 words.

Palisades: Well first of all hey to your brother! We’re stoked to meet him as well as yourself at the festival! If we had to describe palisades in three words it would be Powerful, Emotional, Rock.

Live Music Lou: We have never been to Louder Than Life and are excited to explore this diverse festival. How does Palisades fit into the lineup and weekend? What other bands are you going to make sure to check out?

Palisades: We’re so stoked to be playing our first Louder Than life! I think that our band brings a very unique new sound to the festival that we’re excited to show everyone. We can’t wait to play in front of fans and make new ones in the process!

Live Music Lou: A big piece of this festival celebrates Kentucky bourbon heritage. How does each member take their bourbon?

Palisades: We all like a nice glass of bourbon straight with a Cuban cigar. It’s a past time at Xavier’s house actually to sit on the porch and write some music while sipping on some bourbon!

Live Music Lou: If you could cover any song, what would it be and why?

Palisades: I honestly really enjoy covering songs from completely different genres because it lets us fully create something new rather than just mimicking the original. I’d personally love to cover something from Drake.

Live Music Lou: What is on your playlist right now? Who (bands/artists) or what (podcasts) are you listening to?

Palisades: The bands I’ve been listening to lately are honestly bands we’ve been touring with! We jam Nothing More and One Ok Rock constantly.

They seem like pretty cool folks. They are kicking off the entire festival: Loudmouth Stage at 12:25 on Saturday. Be there.


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