Kevin Morby should be on your radar

Although we didn’t take any pictures at this show, I found it imperative that we talk about this show.

I heard Kevin Morby this summer before Bonnaroo and he got my attention immediately. The announcement of this Zbar show was perfect, as I wasn’t able to actually see him on The Farm.

The crowd was decently sized, especially for a rainy Tuesday night. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to see this person live. Some of Louisville music scene’s Who’s Who were interspersed with us common folks and equally as excited as the rest of us.

The Texas born, Brooklyn “raised” and now LA based artist has a couple of albums under him, the most recent being City Music released this past summer. Though he is only about a year older than I am, his songs showed maturity through their diversity and content. No one song sounded the same.

Meg Duffy, Morby’s guitarist, was life. She played a slew of instruments and was the perfect match for the lead singers’ distinctive voice. Her role in each song was different, and in my opinion, she drove the mood of the song from her position.

The best shows make me smile from the start. This was one of them. I can’t help the creepy little grin effect.


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