Bourbon & Beyond Special Preview!

The name alone obviously makes sense. And considering how beautiful the weather has been, it feels right that the city add another massive fall music festival to the scene. Bourbon & Beyond makes it debut this weekend with plenty for us to eat, drink, and hear. This lineup intrigues the hell out of us – individually we love all of these bands, and while at first the combination of them all together may seem a little out there, we’re very interested in how the flow will feel from one band to the next. Nevertheless, ya girls will be there to get the inside scoop on this new endeavor. Here’s what we know:

The Music

The more we read about this event, the less it seems about the music. That is just a nice side piece. To us, however, it is everything. Steve Miller Band and Stevie Nicks are wall bands for us (our living room decor includes influential album covers from a range of bands) so that is obviously exciting.

Image result for bourbon and beyond lineup

We didn’t make this playlist, but it certainly gets us hyped. The lineup is a funky little trip all around the music genre landscape. The idea of a Saturday bopping between Buddy Guy, Band of Horses, Amos Lee, Eddie Vedder, and Steve Miller Band sounds pretty majestic.

The Grounds

Champions Park is a new location for us. The layout for music seems simple enough: for the most part the schedule allows you to just flip between the appropriately named Barrel and Oak Stages. We can handle that. There are themed bars/food tents interspersed throughout the grounds to meet whatever drinking and eating needs you might have.

The Bourbon

Damn, that is an impressive list. We haven’t really gathered a whole lot of information about how this will all work, but we are excited to explore and figure it out. We might get to meet some of the bourbon experts, so we’ll get back to you all with our new education. Apparently there are some bourbon celebrities on the lineup, too? Cool stuff.

Image result for bourbon and beyond bourbon lineup

The Food

Edward Lee was tasked with the job of gathering his celebrity chef friends and local eateries for a special gastronomic event. This means we are all eating good this weekend! From food trucks to high class eats, you will find it all.

Other important info: 

Getting down to Champions Park is always easy by Uber, but if you are interested in biking (like us) or driving/parking, here’s what you need to know. You can pay for parking around the park, or find street parking nearer to River Road.

Similarly, the bag restraints are ridiculous, so be prepared when you are heading down… you don’t want to have to toss your stuff.

Image result for bourbon and beyond bags

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet > get them here! Hope to see you this weekend!


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