June WW Throwback

Since we’re just under a week away from this month’s Waterfront Wednesday, how about a flashback to June? The BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED Louisville local Carly Johnson absolutely tore up the Waterfront to kick off the night. Brit rocker Robyn Hitchcock took the middle set, with his matching shirt + guitar combo a certain crowd pleaser. Finally, LML fav (and Lou fav, for sure) Pokey LaFarge had the crowd dancing the rest of the night away. It’s really hard to not love Pokey, but I find it so interesting that he’s able to bring together such a huge crowd. He literally sounds like no one else around (his old-timey crooning abilities are on point), the outfits are always impeccable, and he’s charming af – you couldn’t ask for a better combination. As usual, the Ohio River sunset was just beautiful. Plus, I’m digging the new stage backdrop. ✌️ Can’t wait for next week’s installment!


More photos on our Flickr album:

Waterfront Wednesday - June '17

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