Live Music Lou’s Weekly Preview: The Shadowboxers

We caught The Shadowboxers back a few years ago at a Zanzabar Communion show. We were impressed by their danceable music and cute faces tbh. We immediately got the Justin Timberlake vibes, which makes sense as he has had a major role in their success over the years. They have been on the road pretty consistently, getting the word out about their upbeat, pop shows. People are noticing.

They are playing another Zbar show tomorrow night, so we thought it was appropriate to send over some LML style questions for Matt, Adam and Scott to answer.

Insider tip: the last one gives you a ton of insight into the trio.

The Shadowboxers - Promo Pic (photo by Andrew Thomas Lee)

Live Music Lou: It seems as if you all are constantly on the road. How do you keep it healthy, exciting and enjoyable?

Scott: We’re all pretty good about eating well and exercising on the road, or at least trying to, so making those things a group priority isn’t hard. When we’re out for a while, those little routines are the first thing to go, so we really have to be a team about keeping it up. The show being really high energy also helps us feel good. Anything to counteract the hours and hours of sitting in the van is a plus. And during the dead time on the van we watch a lot of movies specifically designed to keep touring musicians entertained (Van Damme/Stallone/etc).

Live Music Lou: What is on your playlist right now? Music or podcasts? Share what you are listening to!


  • Los Colognes’ new album The Wave. They’re out of Nashville and this album sounds like if Gerry Rafferty made a record with Dire Straits in 2017. It’s perfect, low-key pop music.
  • Arcade Fire’s Everything Now
  • Mura Masa’s self-titled debut.
  • Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1
  • “Please” and “Summer Days” by Rhye
  • “911/Mr. Lonely” by Tyler, The Creator

Live Music Lou: What does the second half of the year look like for you all?

Adam: 2nd half of year is going to be really really exciting for us. Can’t give away too much, but these next 6 months are going to introduce people to the band that we’ve always known we were. The band that we’d dreamed of becoming, we’ve become. And we’re gonna lift the veil very soon.

Live Music Lou: Describe each member as a dance move – what move (self-created or popular culture) defines them?


  • Scott – Embodies the classic MJ crotch grab.
  • Adam – Embodies the other hand pointed up in the MJ crotch grab.
  • Matt – Embodies the stank face MJ makes while grabbing said crotch and pointing skyward.


  • Adam is the shopping cart move. He’s from Cedar Rapids and that midwestern suburban thing is in there somewhere.
  • Matt is the Night at the Roxbury hump. He likes to get in there.
  • I’m the Kevin James in Hitch. I try to do what Will Smith says and keep it simple, but sometimes I get too excited.


  • Both Matt and Scott are Macarena guys. No way around it. The repetition and synchronicity of it really gets them both (and everyone else in the cloob) going. Most people think it’s a younger person’s dance, but wait till you see these two do it. They really modernize it.
  • Me, I’m gonna go with the running man. Kills. Every. Time.

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