Dispatch jams out at Iroquois

I can remember being a young teen and finding out that Dispatch was taking an indefinite hiatus. Not that I was the world’s biggest fan (it was a weird time in my music tastes – I blame it on the incoming hormones), but I recall it being a pretty significant moment. So the young teen in me was pretty excited to catch them not once, but twice this week when they came to town. Once again, WFPK came through with a clutch members-only performance. It’s always fun to be a part of those, but especially in the newly renovated space, and with a pretty epic jam band? It definitely made Monday better.

Iroquois was an obvious venue choice later on that evening. The lighting + weather + atmosphere was perfect to jam with the guys. Unfortunately, the band was missing longtime member Pete Francis, who is taking time to focus on healing from depression. The flags you see on stage are actually messages of encouragement that fans have decorated during the tour so far, which I find beautiful. Hope to see even more as the tour continues over the next few weeks.

Though I was not able to catch Guster opening the evening, I was able to head to The Living Room Series and see the first opener Esmé Patterson. While I’m sure she was great at Iroquois, there really is nothing quite like seeing an artist in Dusty’s living room, especially one like Esmé. Props, girl.

Overall, I think my Monday was pretty great, don’t you?


For more photos, Flickr it up:


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