Live Music Lou Weekly Preview: Klangstof

I am one lucky girl. Not only did I get to listen to the Dutch/Norwegian indie band Klangstof at Bonnaroo, I also got to catch up with the entire band after their set. IN AIR CONDITIONING! It was a glorious day.

Their music fits the mold of what I’m generally into…indie rock, but with an electronic element and definitely has a dark, broody tone. For their live set, they didn’t take up much of the stage but their sound was massive. I think the Mercury Ballroom is an ideal spot for this band. And opening up for Miike Snow is a solid win.

Like look how wonderful they look/sound:

Anywho, we talked about deliberate bike crashes, cliché Amsterdam stuff, and a vision of Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens) watching U2. Read about it right meow!

Aubrey/Live Music Lou: So it’s crazy how my friend and I have gone from just writing a blog to remember the shows we’ve gone to, to now covering Bonnaroo. Do you guys have a similar experience where you were like holy shit, we’re on tour with Miike Snow…?

Klangstof guys: It went fast and now it is so big – doing Coachella, Sasquatch, now Bonnaroo, and The Flaming Lips tour, Miike Snow coming up. It’s crazy.
I remember we have a shared calendar for all this stuff. I remember watching my calendar and being like “oh shit.”

LML: I read you all were the first band from the Netherlands to do Coachella?

Klangstof: Well that is true with Bonnaroo, too.

LML: Wait, is that true with Bonnaroo, too? Holy shit! [high fivessss]

Klangstof: We’re also the only band in the Netherlands.

LML: You’re making that up, right?

Klangstof: No kidding. Yes. Almost. There are a lot of DJs, though

LML: So you are different from the scene there?

Klangstof: There are bands, but they just play in Holland. So they never get outside.

LML: What did it take to get outside of Holland?

Klangstof: Hard work. And a record deal in the US.

LML: So are you all still based in the Netherlands?

Klangstof: Yes we all live in Amsterdam.

LML: I’ve been to Amsterdam and I’ll be honest, I did all of the big cliche Amsterdam-y things. So what is a big stereotype that you would like to break?

Klangstof: Nothing really. HA. People that are clearly just in Amsterdam just to smoke weed are so easy to spot. They’re just wearing sweat suits, sunglasses, so easy to spot. Walking really slowly.
The most horrible thing is those rental bikes.

LML: Wait, really?! Why?

Klangstof: The tourists that drive them.

LML: Louisville just got some! What about an ironic photo on these bikes?

Klangstof: Never. Not interested. The thing we do in Amsterdam for real, when biking through crowded parts, when you see those tourists, you always try to get really close to them.

LML: To fuck them up?

Klangstof: You’re always going to crash into them and then you jump and they get freaked out.
Yeah you taught me to do that.
I’m from Norway, so when I’m biking in Amsterdam I try to be a local, be one of the cool ones. But like I’m scared.
We live there we just want to be there. You go out biking and get fucked up from all the people who are like uhhh I don’t know what I’m doing.

LML: I was actually in Norway last summer – went to Oslo, drove to glaciers then Bergen. I’m with my friends that I camped through Norway with, so I thought if we could do that we can camp through Bonnaroo right? Are you guys sticking around?

Klangstof: We play Austin Sunday so leave tomorrow.

LML: Are you going to see any of the sets? At least had a beer yet?

Klangstof: Yeah, one. After our gig I ran to catch 2 Dope Queens. They’re my favorite podcast, I was so happy I got to see them.

LML: That is a cool aspect of Bonnaroo. Anyone else you want to see?

Klangstof: Gallant. We’re label mates, so it would be cool to see him. The xx. Tove Lo…curious to see what she is doing. I think we’re skipping U2. But I would love to see Phoebe Robinson from 2 Dope Queens watch U2.

I was riding a Roo high for sure while interviewing these guys, so if you want to hear some entertaining shit, listen to the actual interview here. 😅😅😅😅😅 Get ready to laugh your ass off at me.


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