3 songs with J. Cole

I wasn’t there for long, and taking photos of J. Cole was not an easy task…however, it was a glorious short time with the acclaimed rapper. Mercury Ballroom was on top of each other for a chance to see this brilliant rapper in such an intimate environment.

The show sold out immediately – trust me I know, I tried to get tickets day of – and I was surprised at the venue choice as well as not adding a second show. That didn’t happen, so we were lucky to be there and in his presence. In the three songs that I heard he was hyped up, ready to showcase his phenomenal new album. (Side note: I totally played it for my students the day it came out… Appropriate? Probably not. Important? Yes.)

I’ll be honest, in no way were these the best photos I have ever taken. We were not allowed to enter the pit, so I shot from the handicap access area with the other photographers (all tall men…). Nevertheless, I can now add “taken photos of J. Cole” and to my cool resume. Because yes, that was fucking amazing.


For the full photo set, head to Flickr/click on the photo below.

J. Cole

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