Local Natives with closed eyes

We are used to seeing Local Natives around 6 pm on some large festival stage. Their soothing melodies carry the crowd gently into the evening closers. They are easy to listen and daydream to. Standing and swaying with the sun going down, or sitting and grabbing a snack are both perfect ways to enjoy Local Natives. Truthfully, catching this band in a venue was a little strange. Though the lighting was ethereal and set the tone for their understated songs, this doesn’t quite compare to billowing clouds and a setting sun.

We heard many songs from Sonic Youth, their 2016 release, as well their recent cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk,” and the fun little number, “I Saw You Close Your Eyes.” (This new song was released online with the premise that it would only play from the website if your eyes were closed throughout.) To be honest, many of Local Natives songs could be used with that mantra. Eyes closed… or with some sort of glow-y horizon in the background.


Check out more photos from the evening below!

Local Natives

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