Dinosaur Jr blasts

After sharing stories with a friend about Dinosaur Jr shows, it has become apparent that some interesting stuff happens when these guys are around.

It was loud and hypnotizing. Front man J Mascis played several beautiful guitars with ease. Lou was shoeless, and his hair on point, not to mention his picking the bass like the man. Murph beat the hell out of his drums. Like me, it was hard for the capacity crowd to really take it all in. Partially because of the tall, mainly male crowd- I couldn’t see over them- but also, because of the pure sonic blast.

If I’m completely honest, I don’t regularly listen to Dinosaur Jr (that may not surprise you) but I knew it was a big deal they were coming to Headliners. I thought I had experienced a packed venue the week before for Neco Case, but with the added pit and larger [male] crowd, it felt like the place was stuffed to the brim. Besides Lou Barlow’s excited mane, the band keeps it pretty even keel. The crowd was very much the same, hiding their overt joy, but still elated to have the guys in town, as noted by the muted sways. I saw you 😉


Check out some of our shots below!

Dinosaur Jr

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