Lit Listens: FTY’s Human Child

For Aubrey, as a basketball coach, she thinks of LIT meaning the Louisville Invitational Tournament, but they weren’t invited this weekend (bitter). So LIT LISTEN it is. This episode: Frederick The Younger’s album Human Child. Because Louisville is such a small, weird little place where everyone knows everyone, we invited our friend Beaver (who happens to be Jenni’s coworker) for the listening experience. 

Below: a few off-the-cuff thoughts. Read up, folks, and get your tickets to see the band in action, along with Joann + The Dakota and Voodoo Economics, on Friday at Headliners!


Aub: Peeps love this though.

Beaver: This could be used in a Quentin Tarantino film. Very fucking cool.

Britt: Have my winds changed? I hope after 2016 that they have. Also WFPK has been playing with the shit outta this song and I love it. Also just watched our entire living room bob their head at the same time.

“Tell Me”

Aub: This is different. Who do you think you are?… I seem to think that often.

Britt: I really love Jenni’s voice. Tell me tell me tell me, bae.

Beaver: Enjoying the nod to 2000’s alt rock.

“Leaves Are Gone”

Aub: This is easy listening. Like, I’m interested the whole time.

Britt: I’m thinking of the seasons tattoo I want to get. And living on the cusp? I wish I could do that more.

Beaver: November 8, 2016 — the leaves are gone.


Beaver: After a fun, poppy start we are slowing it down and getting chill.

Aub: The pace changes are intense, can I handle this?

“Not That Kind of Girl”

Beaver: The curtain behind the American Dream is lifted


Britt: Fitting intro for the moment

Aub: This ending is the kind of trippy thing I need right now.

Beaver: Doo-Wop is back and better than ever. They should make this a single.

“Lioness Part 1 & 2”

Aub: I’m predicting a stark difference between part 1 & 2. YUP. Talking about training your heart. Hell no.

Beaver: Haunted House vibes? Dueling singers, dueling songs.

“Things Are Just Things”

Britt: I’m in agreement with the title already. The motto of every minimalist right now.

Aub: Why am I getting Rocky Horror images in my head? But then hopeful and real.

Beaver: This album is structured like a classic trilogy…. looking foward to act three.

“Self Defense”

Beaver: This opens up with some optimism, like Return of The Jedi. I really enjoy their duets, definitely a strength.

Aub: The keys are tight. 

“You Take Your Time”

Aub: Lil’ give and take. A little relationship insight, maybe.

Britt: “If you rush you fall behind. You should take your time”…this should be my mantra when I’m running late to things. Which is all the time.

“Human Child”

Aub: I like how bare this is. Jenni’s voice sounds so strong and confident.

Beaver: Title track at #11? An anti-love song to Trump’s Twitter account?

“Nice Day For a Walk”

Aub: This sounds really nice as I sit here bundled up watching it snow. 

Britt: That nice day was on Wednesday. Damn, for a Friday night “change is harder than you thought” is pretty deep.

Beaver: This trilogy arc ends with this? We all go our separate ways but value our time together.

And hey! Spread the word to your friends who don’t live in Louisville – FTY will be touring around over the next couple of months. Let’s pack those shows yall.

2/03 – Louisville, KY – Headliners (album release show)
2/23 – Chicago, IL – Elbo Room
3/02 – Cincinnati, OH – MOTR
3/04 – Neenah, WI – Short Branch Saloon
3/23 – Knoxville, TN – Barleys
3/30 – Bloomington, IN – The Bishop
3/31 – Grand Rapids, MI – Mulligan’s Pub
4/07 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall
4/08 – Philadelphia, PA – Ortlieb’s

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