Lit Listens: Westside Story

Flashback to a couple of weeks ago. Teach Kentucky was having a holiday party at The Green Building, so obviously we needed to stay afterward for some Galaxie noms. We ran into Taj, who stirred up some delish margs for us, and heard about his new album slash release show. We figured it had been too long since we last did a Lit Listen and with the holidays, Britt could get her brother involved, too.

Check out the album, our commentary, and then join us at the Haymarket show tonight!


Aub: I once heard Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys talk about an album’s song order like the batting order of a baseball team. I think this is a solid lead off choice, as a speedy, bunting specialist, kind of thing… right?

Britt: I’m assuming this song has everything to do with people in the rap scene – around Lou? If so, I can def see that just from semi-knowing people in the business..

“Go Fish”

Aub: Wait, did they play go fish in the Wild Wild West? For real though, I really like Tajy’s voice.

“After School”

Aub: “After School” seems to be a perfect title for this. I would have seemed really cool playing this leaving my high school parking lot… probably less so now.

Britt: I like the background music for this one – who is playing?

Tim (Britt’s bro): What’s P-town? I’m googling and getting Provincetown MA…assuming he’s not talking about there.

Britt: After some Facebook research…Pomona, CA?

“Nothing Above You (ft. Audrey)”

Aub: I like this funky vibe. Very in. I am envisioning Britt doing her shoulder shrug dance thing.

Britt: I do not fuck with these bitches either.

“Back X2”

Aub: I think even I can pull this off, and I’m a pathetic dancer?

Tim: This one’s ‘dancier’ and reminds me of Chance. I feel like I would know people who have this playing in their car – you might not hear it on the radio but I know people who’d be into it.

Britt: I mean it is very catchy.

Tim: It would play at a frat party but only if everyone already knew it. It wouldn’t be the first place you’d hear it.

Britt: And Mary Poppins haayyyyyy “super-Cali-futuristic-exceptional-dope-shit”???? Kinda love it. Just rewound that uhhhhhm 5 times to check the words and they’re prob still not right but love it anyway.

“On My Shit Freestyle”

Aub: Silky smooth, good ol’ freestyle.

Britt: Was that originally a freestyle slash will it change when done live??

“DopeNiggasInACadillac (Prod. Khudosoul)”

Aub: Dude is versatile. I feel like I’m in a dream sequence.

Britt: Feeling some Enimem vibes.

Tim: Def the trippiest song we’ve heard so far.

“Galactic Tour (Prod. Origami)”

Aub: Sexy time? Hyperbolic time chamber…Google says that is a Dragon Ball reference? (I was curious what the hell this could look like/be) My little brother would be impressed.

Tim: THAT BASS THO. Huge change of pace from the first songs.

“Paradise//Outro (Prod. PDUB, Khudosoul)”

Aub: And jedis…don’t mind my dead body over here.

Britt: Use your Jedi skills, Taj.

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