Miike Snow Flow

It has been a few weeks since this one but as I sat on a train to Arlanda Airport to leave Miike Snow’s home country of Sweden, I found myself inclined to share about this spectacular Headliners show.

My personal music tastes are ranging, that is for sure, but my favorites can be basically whittled down into a peculiar juxtaposition of styles: José González acoustic, calming guitar heavy or Miike Snow, complex, synthetic, strong beats.

It was a regretfully short set and the evening started early for a Headliners show, which means (you guessed it) we were late. We missed a lot of the new album but did hear Miike Snow’s heavy hitters. Brittany hadn’t previously listened to much of the band but I definitely have shoddy torrent versions of both of their first two albums. Their newest iii has been well received and Ghengis Kahn is stupid catchy – not my fav by any means but it does get stuck in your head. The group as a whole is madly creative and that is obvious in everything they record and perform…a sign of a lasting artist.

The boys have been on the road hard for this fresh album, and it appeared that there was some fatigue. Lots of teas on the stage. But the packed Headliners crowd covered any missed notes, so nothing was lost.

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