Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: May 8 – 14

Need recovery from your Derby weekend? Well, this isn’t exactly traditional recovery, but for us, it will do the trick. We will be making our 3rd annual pilgrimage to Atlanta for Shaky Knees, but will absolutely be hitting up several of these events before then. Join us! Or live vicariously through out Insta/Twitter feeds! And come back here later for our investigative reports.

Sunday (5/8) –


Who doesn’t want to spend their Mother’s Day with Juvenile backing that azz up?

Tuesday (5/10) –

Matthew Logan Vasquez, Reverend Baron

Matthew Logan Vasquez should spark some interest in your memories as front man of Delta Spirit. He’s been working it on his own for the last several months, and has a solo album out. We remember him being quite the presence on stage (the hat being a superb addition). Zbar’s Tuesday crowd better be ready.

Matthew Vasquez Delta Spirit at Headliners
Matthew Vasquez of Delta Spirit at Headliners

Wednesday (5/11) –

Cyndi Lauper

This woman is a figure in so many ways. She started movements and styles that still continue today. Not to mention, Cyndi Lauper understands the importance of continual growth as is shown by the number of times that she has pushed herself into a reinvention. Her latest tour previews her new country work – yes, I said country. She’s interpreting some old classics with her new style.

Ghost- Black to the Future Tour 2016

A friend recommended this show to us. Ghost is a metal band with a dark, strange twist. The actual members of the band are still anonymous (how is that possible at this day in age) as they wear masks during their performances.

Thursday (5/12) –

My Morning Jacket with special guest Twin Limb night one

Freaking My Morning Jacket…at Iroquois…This two night sell out is going to be special, I can feel it.

Communion: Basecamp, My Jerusalem, Sun Seeker

If you didn’t score tickets to MMJ – I mean, it sold out in like 2 days – this is (as always) a winner.

Born Ruffians with On and On

This Canadian band is catchy as hell. They definitely have that young indie rocker thing, but their newest work, a full length and EP released in the last year, shows some sophistication that comes with age.

Friday (5/13) –

Foxhollow Farm Sunset Concert Series: Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters with Dan Van Vechten

We always have a good time out at Foxhollow with all the East End families enjoying some local food truck specialties and tunes with the sun setting behind hay bales. (Be 100% sure to take your allergy meds before, though.)

My Morning Jacket with special guest Twin Limb night two

If Twin Limb isn’t ready for their festi-season, this will prepare them appropriately. Hyyyype.

Twin Limb at Bermuda Highway
Twin Limb at Bermuda Highway

A Louisville Music Tribute to Louisville Music

Louisville artists paying tribute to other Louisville artists. For two whole nights. This all goes in support of Poorcastle, our very own festival for the people. I can get behind it.


Saturday (5/14) –

A Louisville Music Tribute to Louisville Music

Night two of Louisville music.

Black Birds of Paradise (Album Release Party) with BRENDA and Insect Policy Plus and visuals from Spettra

Another Louisville band with a new album. Our city is exploding with new music and we love it.

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