Rando Zbar Adventures.

There have been a string of low key fantastic mid-week sets at Zanzabar these past few spring months. Though the attendance has been admittedly less than it should be, the caliber of names and intrigue of their product has drawn us here regularly for about a month. Let us indulge you in some of our favorites.

Blackbird Blackbird, Chad Valley, Shallou (3/23)

This lineup was an interesting one. Blackbird Blackbird is a one man vibey trip that I like to be on. Like many of the other acts on this review, Mike Maramag uses his mixing skills to mesh together some magical stuff. Chad Valley has a wicked falsetto and is also talented at layering multiple sounds in combination with his female counterpart. Throw in some chicken fingers to this mix, and it was a hella good night.

Chad Valley
Chad Valley

Elliot Lipp and Blockhead (3/30)

I wish I understood how that shit worked. Like the idea of mixing songs, beats, all of the crazy technology, anything like that is absolutely mind blowing to me. Both acts have been pretty influential in the electronic DJ party music scene and we could see how.

Fast Romantics (4/6)

These guys were on their way back home to Alberta, Canada after several long weeks on the road. It was their first time in the Ville, and though the turnout was pretty small, the folks who were there loved the set. Before the show I creeped on them a little at the bar (pretty easy to do when at Zbar and everyone kind of mingles together by the bar). I overheard them saying they loved playing small shows because they could pretty much do what they wanted – play for the love of playing music. There were no expectations (most people there didn’t know the band too well) so it was super chill – perfect for a spring break night.

Made of Oak (4/13)

We spent another Wednesday – it has been quite the series of Wednesdays during these spring months – at Zanzabar with “some super dreary instrumental hip hop” from Made of Oak. What followed was oddly satisfying song with cuts from Lil Wayne’s “Milli” and Kendrick’s “Swimming Pool.” The single man show of Nick Sanborn (yes, dude from Sylvan Esso) charmed the heck out of a small crowd which is likely a very obscure scenario for him of late. He was appreciative nevertheless and even talked with Britt after about hooking up before Forecastle. Let’s cross our fingers on that one. This kind of trancy, deep beat stuff is what I like to listen to when I need to sit down and just focus – I’ve been playing it non-stop (for my students even) since this show.

Communion: Jakübi, Adam Faucett, Liz Cooper & The Stampede, Tricky Cricket (4/14)

We only caught this month’s Communion final act but we were glad we rushed over after OCMS. Jakübi is a bunch of really attractive Aussies that are funky and most definitely fun. I’m sure everyone is tired of us going on and on about Communion but legit, it is stupid to not check these out. A group of my college buddies ended up stopping by this round (unsolicited by me) because they wanted to see Jakübi. This is good news – the word is getting out!

Adia Victoria (4/19)

One word to describe Nashville artist Adia Victoria: raw. At first thought she seemed a little shut off…not thrilled about the small crowd but she warmed up and actually was very likable. Emotions on her face and body, raw voice, drastic change in tones, the all white. I particularly got caught up in her song “Horrible Weather” which she described as a track about “humans coming together and fucking each other’s shit up.” I feel you lady. She is definitely a special performer and I can understand where all the underground buzz is coming from. Keep Adia Victoria on your radar and check out the new album, Beyond The Bloodhounds, in May.

These shows have not been the best attended events, but the fans there were truly interested in checking out the bands. To be honest, Made of Oak and Adia Victoria are in the running for favorite small show thus far this year. Keep in up Zbar.

-Aubrey & Brittany

Check out albums from these shows on our Imgur page!

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